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Advantages of High Performance Concrete (HPC)

Source: | Updated: May 04, 2016

The advantages of using high strength high performance concretes often balance the increase in material cost. The following are the major advantages that can be accomplished.

1.Reduction in member size, resulting in increase in plinth area/useable area and direct savings in the concrete volume saved.

2.Reduction in the self-weight and super-imposed DL with the accompanying saving due to smaller foundations.

3.Reduction in form-work area and cost with the accompanying reduction in shoring and stripping time due to high early-age gain in strength.

4.Construction of High –rise buildings with the accompanying savings in real estate costs in congested areas.

5.Longer spans and fewer beams for the same magnitude of loading.

6.Reduced axial shortening of compression supporting members.

7.Reduction in the number of supports and the supporting foundations due to the increase in spans.

8.Reduction in the thickness of floor slabs and supporting beam sections which are a major component of the weight and cost of the majority of structures.

9.Superior long term service performance under static, dynamic and fatigue loading.

10.Low creep and shrinkage. 11.Greater stiffness as a result of a higher modulus Ec.

12.Higher resistance to freezing and thawing, chemical attack, and significantly improved long-term durability and crack propagation.

13.Reduced maintenance and repairs.

14.Smaller depreciation as a fixed cost.

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