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Characteristics of concrete water reducer and mixing method

Source: | Updated: Aug 24, 2015

1. characteristics of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent are as follows:

(1) maintain the workability of case. can cement concrete units with less water by 5%-25%, so as to significantly improve early or late strength of concrete and improve the durability and reduce shrinkage.

(2) keep the strength constant. reduce cement cement used in concrete basins. common base agent may save 5%, superplasticizers can save more than 10. every time It is equivalent to saving 20T cement water reducing agent.

(3) keep the water/cement ratio unchanged, may increase cement concrete slump 1O-20cm, so you can meet such as cement concrete formwork construction, lift-slab construction, pumping and other new technology requirements.

(4) various properties of cement concrete are available as one of the main instruments in the different properties of water-reducing agent in the cement. as can be prepared, super high-strength concrete, high strength concrete retarded high strength concrete early strength concrete, high early strength concrete

2. reducing agent addition method:

(1) the first experiment: powdered superplasticizer and cement mixing.

(2) with mixing method: reducing agent dissolved in solution, in advance, mix with the water.

(3) delay water law: ① dissolved delay dissolved lag thousand water 2-3min water-reducing agent adding second lagging dry delay water-reducing agent powder in water to 2-3min people.

(4) the latter method: ① dissolved early experiment-mixed the mortar mixture after parked for some time before the solution into water reducing agent, a second mixing. II experiment-after dry-mix mortar mixture parked for some time in early before the superplasticizer powder, mix for the second time.

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