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Congress features carboxylic acid water reducing agent

Source: | Updated: Aug 24, 2015

1 improving the construction of the concrete or mortar mix workability;

2 improve the strength and other physical and mechanical properties of concrete or mortar;

3 save instead of cement or cement;

4 accelerated early strength development of concrete or mortar;

5 adjust the speed setting and hardening of concrete or mortar;

6 adjust the air content of concrete or mortar;

7 reduce early or delay the hydration heat of hydration of cement;

8 to improve the mix of bleeding;

9 improving corrosion resistance of concrete or mortar corrosion of salt;

10 less alkali-aggregate reaction;

11 concrete or mortar pore structure;

12 concrete pump;

13 increase corrosion of steel reinforcement;

14 increase aggregate and mortar interface bonding strength, increase the bonding of steel and concrete;

15 improve the bond strength between new and old concrete interface, and so on.

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