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Effect of Naphthalene Compounded Superplasticizer

Source: | Updated: Jan 21, 2016

Superplasticizer is widespread applied in the ready-mixed concrete in China. In the specific engineering, it is not only has the requirement of water-reducing ratio for superplasticizer, but also the superplasticizer has to meet the demand such as early-strength, air-entraining, retarding and so on. In current, the naphthalene compounded superplasticizer is conducted on the basis of the FDN modification. This paper selects two kinds of representative naphthalene compounded superplasticizers, one is the setretarder superplasticizer (WRA1), and the other one is the early strength-air entraining-retarding superplasticizer (WRA2). The effect of performance on neat cement paste, mortar and concrete which mixed with the two admixtures are compared with the benchmarks (not mixed with water reducing agent) and mixed with FDN. Through the analysis and comparison of the test data, the general rules of the naphthalene compounded superplasticizer to concrete strength and shrinkage are put forward in this paper. Also, according to those rules, it poses the concrete problems to be noted in the production. This may have guidance for reducing the early cracks of ready-mixed concrete.

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