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Middle East & Africa Superplasticizers Market By Type (SNF, SMF, MLS, PCE)

Source: | Updated: Jan 21, 2016

Superplasticizers are used in concrete mixtures to decrease water to cement ratio without affecting workability and avoiding particle aggregation in the mixture. In simple words, they enhance the quality of concrete mixtures while decreasing the use of water as compared to other admixtures. The most common and largest application of superplasticizers is in ready mix concrete, which is widely used than any other type of concrete. In the construction industry, the quality of concrete mix is of utmost importance for high-end constructions. Superplasticizers maintain the particle suspension in the concrete mix and decrease the water to cement ratio. This has resulted in the Middle East & Africa being a prominent market for superplasticizers, as most areas in the region have dry weather conditions.  

Superplasticizers are available in liquids as well as powder forms; liquid forms are more commonly used that powder form, as liquid superplasticizers contain about 40.0% of active material and are easy to mix in the concrete.

 The Middle East & Africa superplasticizers market is expected to reach USD 745.0 million by 2020. The market has been segmented into four different types, namely, Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehydes (SMF), Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehydes (SNF), Modified Lignosulfonates (MLS), and Polycarboxylates (PC). The countries considered in the geography are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, South Africa, and others.

 This market research study provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the superplasticizers market in the Middle East & Africa. Various secondary sources, such as encyclopedia, directories, industry journals, and databases are used to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study of the superplasticizers market. The primary sources include experts from related industries and suppliers who have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of the market.

Competitive scenarios of the top players in the Middle East & Africa superplasticizers market have been discussed in detail. Leading players of this industry with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities have also been covered in the report. Companies, such as Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (U.S.), Arkema S.A. (France), BASF SE (Germany), Hangzhou Lans Concrete Admixture, Inc. (China), Kao Corporation (Japan), Ruetgers Polymers Ltd. (Canada) Sika AG (Switzerland), W. R. Grace & Co. (U.S.), and others are operating in this market.

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