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Polycarboxylate water reducing agent adding concrete curing

Source: | Updated: Aug 24, 2015

Any occasion, for any concrete mixture, after pouring the initial and maintenance are very important.

Polycarboxylate water reducing agent on shrinkage performance of concrete little influence, or mixed with polycarboxylate water reducing agent are not excessively increase the drying shrinkage of concrete, not representative of concrete mixed with polycarboxylate water reducing agent can relax or even cancel the maintenance.

As with adding other admixture of concrete, mixed with polycarboxylate water reducing agent of concrete vibrated compacted surface after the second pressure, mulch or spray, and so on, is very effective to prevent plastic shrinkage cracks. And continuous 7d or 14D moisture conservation is not only the strength of concrete needs for normal growth, but also to prevent its drying shrinkage crack of protection.

To enhance by adding polycarboxylic series concrete cracking resistance, while adding a certain amount of fiber as is necessary, and this still need good wet curing concrete to ensure no cracking of structure.

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