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Quick-setting properties of concrete played a huge role

Source: | Updated: Aug 24, 2015

Synthesis of poly-carboxylic acid at room temperature to tell you Accelerator is for adjusting the concrete sets, fine admixture of hardening, it is now building more rugged, durable, thereby reducing the cost of building materials.

Accelerator is aluminum oxide clinker is the main ingredient, ground and calcined. Main role is to regulate concrete setting, hardening, used in spray concrete. Due to accelerating its important characteristics of concrete sprayed within a very short time after hardening, cement hydration is an accelerated and significantly shorten the setting time of the adjustable solidification agent. Accelerator procoagulant effect is proportional to the quantity of cement mixed with growth, but will also further accelerated more than 4%~6%. This product while maintaining cement concrete performance cases, the other properties to meet the various requirements of construction technology. Is a kind of repair, rush, impervious, plugging the anchor sprayed concrete pillars essential chemical products.

Quick-setting agent properties:

1, basic small, reduce corrosive action on the skin.

2, the setting time of concrete according to the design requirements, select appropriate content can be used as adjustable solidification agent of concrete using, for a variety of construction projects.

3, initial, final setting time intervals shorter.

4, good adaptability to cement and viscosity, small rebound, low corrosion and strength and thickness of a Jet were higher than other accelerator.

Intensity can be increased by about 1~3 times 5, 1 day.

6, in the appropriate dosage, initial setting time of cement paste 1-5 minutes 5-10 minutes final setting time.

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