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Self-compacting concrete with lignosulphonate based superplasticizer

Source: | Updated: Jan 20, 2016

Self-compacting concrete was developed using lignosulphonate water reducing admixture. The admixture used in self-compacting concrete is normally based on polycarboxylate polymers. The yield value of the concrete is reduced by the admixture. The plastic viscosity is increased by addition of rheology modifying admixture or by addition of extra fines in the concrete. Some superplasticizers are not only reducing the yield value but also the plastic viscosity. This way, the rheological properties of the fresh concrete can be controlled by adding different admixtures in different dosages and combinations. Self-compacting concrete needs a relative high plastic viscosity to avoid segregation.The performance of the lignosulphonate superplasticizer was compared to that of polycarboxylate based superplasticizer. The workability of the self-compacting concrete was described by measuring rheological properties, slump and spread. A segregation column was used to make sure that the concrete was stable, i.e. no segregation or bleeding.The concrete mix design was based on the particle-matrix model, where the workability of the fresh concrete is determined by the properties of the particles and matrix, and the particle to matrix ratio. The lignosulphonate based superplasticizer is affecting the yield value and the plastic viscosity of the concrete. It is possible to produce self-compacting concrete with lignosulphonate based superplasticizer. The superplasticizer used is based on a new high performing lignosulphonate which is much less set retarding than ordinary grades of lignosulphonate, and is resulting in a very long workability retention.

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