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Waterproof accelerator using methods and points for attention

Source: | Updated: Aug 24, 2015

One, Waterproof Accelerator usage:

1, plug leakage cracks and holes: preparation of waterproof cement setting time 40 seconds or so, a hand pressed into the joint (caves), waiting for them to let go after solidification.

2, five water surface

Again first level in ash, cement, water and waterproofing agent to 1:0.3 ~0.35:0.01, first 1mm with plain gray, with an iron trowel 5 ~6 time, then using gray level some 1mm, and then with a brush dipped in water, in order to brush, immediately do second tier.

Second-tier mix of cement, water and sand: waterproofing agent to 1:0.4 ~0.5:2 ~2.5:0.01, spread a layer about thick 5mm, Tiao broom sweeps into stripes, 24 hours after isolation, make the third layer.

The third level in a thick gray pressure 2mm, mix with the first layer.

The fourth with the second-tier, but not after sweeping hair, wipe with an iron trowel pressure 2~3 3 ~4 hours after again until after the draft, still a little wet, but not sticky, you can do the fifth time.

Fifth plain gray coats and thick 1mm, mix with the first layer, brush evenly when, after the draft, then with an iron trowel pressure 3~4 again.

Second, waterproof quick-setting agent considerations when using:

1, the first grass-roots shall be cleaned in advance, if uneven, prior treatment to prevent drum.

2, each should be left visible seams.

Waterproof quick-setting cement agent can quickly condenses, setting time can be adjusted from tens of seconds to a few minutes, by adding quantity to be controlled. Mixing the cement paste or mortar for brick, concrete has a strong cohesive force and can be used for walls, ground sealing, anti-seepage works in.

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