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JH-AE Polycarboxylate Based Air Entraining Agent

JH-AE Polycarboxylate Based Air Entraining Agent
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Zibo Jianhua Building Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China air entraining agent manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory, welcome to buy or wholesale air entraining agent, polycarboxylate based air entraining agent from us.

JH-AE is a kind of concrete air entraining agent with stable performance, improving the workability and pumping, decreasing water bleeding rate, increasing the anti-freezing, water-proofing and durability. We manufacture multi-functional plasticizing air entraining agent, with natural and chemical air entraning agent, as main ingredients, supplemented by stable-bubble strengthening agent of JHJC. Our products are powder and liquid item with high advantages, which is sold well in domestic and abroad market.
·Scope of Application
JH-AE can be widely used in all kinds of concrete projects and cement products, for example:
1. Suitable for long-distance construction projects type pumping concrete.
2. Suitable for compounding normal concrete, high-performance concrete, high-strength concrete and ultra-high strength concrete.
3. Suitable for impervious, anti-freezing and high durability concrete.
4. Suitable for high-performance and high flowing concrete, self-leveling concrete, fair-faced concrete and SCC (self compact concrete).
5. Suitable for high dosage of mineral powder type concrete.
6. Suitable for mass concrete that used in expressway, railway, bridge, tunnel, water conservancy projects, ports, wharf, underground etc..
1. powder item recommended dosage (by binding materials’ weight) is 0.003%-0.015% The optimum dosage is according to the reality project conditions and actual materials.
2. Compatibility test should be done in advance when used with other additives.
3. Precise measurement avoids repeat dosage, seep dosage and errors.
·Storage and Safety Matters
1. Powder item is packed in plastic woven bag, liquid item is packed in 25KG or 200KG plastic drum, we can supply the detailed packing according to requirement.
2. It is stored in cool and dry place, keep out of sun, rain and impurity, avoiding moisture evaporation.
3. Guarantee period:6 months.
4. It is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-edible. Avoid touching with eyes and skin allergy people. If touching, it should clean with water and go to hospital in time.

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