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Analysis Of Poly Carboxylic Acid Water Reducing Agent In China

(1) gradually disperse industry from top to bottom, permeable poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent in the upstream to the downstream industry chain, due to the high monomer polyether production technology requirements, raw materials, ethylene oxide and inflammable and explosive hazardous chemicals, currently only the company and Liaoning oak and a few companies mastered all the technical and production. Also, due to the reducing agent concentrate market is huge, and limited by the delivery RADIUS, production of polyether monomers business has penetrated down the chain, reducing agent concentrate market currently occupied by enterprises specializing in the concentrate.

(2) industry chain the link are has larger added value in the business intelligence network 2012-2016 China reduction agent industry market prospects and the investment advisory report poly carboxylic acid reduction agent industry chain in the, poly ether monomer of production requirements high, and technology content high, added value big, while, due to China concrete products of differences sex big, needs type diverse, in pump sent agent complex distribution Shang also has larger technology added value, so industry chain the link are has added value effect. The whole industry chain enterprises can give full play to the added value and make profits.

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