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Application Of Polycarboxylate Water Reducing Agent In Concrete Prospects

Polycarboxylic acid production equipment knowing it was generally felt that, development can be divided roughly into three phases of water reducing agent, calcium lignosulphonate, represented the first generation of ordinary water reducer phase, with naphthalene as a representative of the second generation of high efficiency water reducer phase as well as the polycarboxylic acid represented by the third-generation high-performance water-reducing agent stage.

Due to the large volume of first to second generation water reducer, water is not enough, cement is not widely adaptable, low slump loss, constrained on toxic substances as raw materials. Polycarboxylic series of superplasticizer occurred in the early 1980 of the 20th century is considered to be a third-generation water-reducing agent, it is the latest generation of water-reducing agent at home and abroad, with its excellent performance, is becoming a worldwide hotspot.

Polycarboxylic type high performance water-reducing agent in addition to high performance water (maximum rate of up to 35%), improvement of pore structure and the degree of compaction of concrete things, can control the concrete slump losses, better control of air-entraining agents,, bleeding and other problems.

It with different kinds of cement has better compatibility, even at low dosage, can also make concrete with high flowability, and at low water/cement ratio, have a low viscosity and slump through small changes in performance.

Predictably, with the development of concrete, of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent with good performance will be greater development and application.

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