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Domestic Water Reducing Agent April Market Standoff Hold

Domestic water reducing agent in late April market still weak stability around potential, weak high level talks. Manufacturers take the goods is deadlocked, many long-term contracts, with a single fixed more. Upstream industry naphthalene prices upward after the peak in the early trend, and with the increasing processing factory maintenance, poor demand for coal tar in the upper reaches, local prices down will result in inadequate cost support industrial naphthalene, fall trend, or price of the indirect effect of superplasticizer. Current domestic manufacturers water reducing agent, the level is still low, some manufacturers still bearish Outlook, limited production runs. The overall operating rate maintained at around 60%, Northeast, Northwest is maintained at 20%-30%. Building materials and raw materials industry is still look weak, lack of support, May trend develop?

Raw materials:

Recent industrial naphthalene standoff stable operation, naphthalene at 5500-5700 Yuan/ton tax remittance in China under the influence of the environment as a whole, negative factors, the market just a short pull up, now running smoothly after the rally lasted about January. Due to the cost pressure is too large, deep processing manufacturers limited production run, goods on the market is not more manufacturers inventory, there is a primary and old customers. Industry insiders say, tar consignee compactly in the short term, there is stable. Naphthalene still cost support.

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