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Instructions Of How To Mix Concrete

Mixing concrete, be add cement lead , stone , sand , water , concrete admixture and other, mix together in ratio properly, for enamel mass by cement paste, mix homogeneously and concrete is made with good quality 

Details of mixes for concrete have 2 ways.
1. Manually mixing in small-sized be not interested in the quality

2. Mixing Mixer such as Batch Mixer, raw material was transported to mix then let down from that time add new raw material to mix again

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer, if classify from mixing character then have 2 character.
 1.Batch Mixer, can mix 0.5, 1 cubic meter or contain of this mixer
 2.Continuous Mixer, this mixer shall mix concrete continuously, design for especial work such as cements for road airport and etc.

If classify from kind of mixer have 2 style.
Drum Mixer and Pan Mixer
2.1 Drum Mixer, can classify 3 style 
Tilting Drum Mixer, this mixer which Drum can slant for  take concrete fall down, this mixer for mix concrete that have the ability can pour low or use with large-sized stone.
 - Non-Tilting Drum Mixer, axle of mixer be in horizon all time, concrete pour from mixer by insertion groove within Drum or evolve Drum back to direction, because spitting concrete in slow rate, maybe have separation because stone may come out slow, add raw material to mixer by Loading Skip.
 - Stationery Drum Mixer or Horizontal Shaft Mixer this mixer which Drum don't move, there is just Rotary Mixthat move. This is different from 2 mixers above-
mentioned. This mixer compose drum cylinder and shaft be in horizon, Rotary Mix beside with single shaft or twin shaft.  This mixer like use in mixed concrete plant because can mix in deal and a little time, there have limitation that inappropriate to use with dry concretes.
2.2 Pan Pan-Type Mixer be Forced-Action Mixer and different from Drum Mix. The basic component of concrete mixers have Circular Pan and Rotary Mix  with the axle and perpendicular with Pan Mixer, some Plan should rotate and some Plan have 2 rotary mix for rotate in the opposite at the same time, the concrete was mixed very well. This concrete mixer has the equipment protect Mortar no beside Pan.
Feeding raw material to concrete mixer have following steps:

1. Add the water 10% in concrete mixer 
2. Feed mass (stone and sand) in concrete mixer 

3. Add the cement after feed mass 10%
4. Add the water 80% between feed material and add the water 10% again when feed material at all then 
5. If add concrete admixture (powder) should mix with the cement before, if concrete admixture (liquid) should mix with water

- Kind and the size of concrete mixer
- State of concrete mixer 
- Revolution of concrete mixer 

- Quantity of concrete mix
- Character materials

American standard Association advise take time least 1 minute in first mixing concrete 1 cubic meter, and add time 20 sec per quantity concrete 1 cubic meter, time no more 5 min.

The capacity of   concrete mixer  (cubic meter)Minimum time ( minute)


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