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Properties Of Prestressed Concrete Product

Concrete with compressive strength when it is tested at 28 days of not less than 350 kg. /sq. cm. for the sample of cylinder shape concrete at a diameter of 15 cm. and at the height of 30 cm.

Cement used is Portland cement under category 3 which generates quick compressive strength under ASTM C150 standard and TIS. 15 , Volume 1, - 2004.

Concrete admixtures , according to the ratio set by manufacturer to aggregated concrete used in the production to obtain aq high compressive strength in a given period.

Clean and good quality of sand and stone materials from good source of raw material so that various mixtures can capture together well and have high compressive strength.

Production is in compliance with production process of Prestressed Concrete before pouring concrete.

Compressive strength of the concrete must be less than 250 kg / sq. cm. to enable to produce Prestressed Concrete.

Go through the curing process with water 3-7 days before it can be delivered to the construction site for drilling.

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